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Dealing with Older Brothers

Today was a good day. Some days just go that way. Except when old habits die hard. In this case it’s the old guard of a ministry. Some people just don’t want to see the big picture. They have their way of doing things & that’s just the way they’re gonna do them…even if it affects others negatively. Then there are their loyal followers who want to die on the sword for them! Why? Man, talk about reliving the Middle Ages…no wonder so many traditional churches are dying! I’m sorry that I may seem to be negative, but when one gives up their place to another & the other is doing things in a "new" way which has proven to be better for more people, why do they fight to change it back? The way these types want to play favorites I feel like I’m back on the grade school playfield watching Johnny pick up his ball and leave because he can’t get his way. I think there was another guy who acted similar I read about once. I think he was rich & young and was excited at

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