Dealing with Older Brothers

Today was a good day. Some days just go that way. Except when old habits die hard. In this case it’s the old guard of a ministry. Some people just don’t want to see the big picture. They have their way of doing things & that’s just the way they’re gonna do them…even if it affects others negatively. Then there are their loyal followers who want to die on the sword for them! Why? Man, talk about reliving the Middle Ages…no wonder so many traditional churches are dying!

I’m sorry that I may seem to be negative, but when one gives up their place to another & the other is doing things in a "new" way which has proven to be better for more people, why do they fight to change it back? The way these types want to play favorites I feel like I’m back on the grade school playfield watching Johnny pick up his ball and leave because he can’t get his way. I think there was another guy who acted similar I read about once. I think he was rich & young and was excited at his initial request, until he was asked to change. It was change in a big way mind you! He just left because it was too hard for him to change.

We have a whole generation of folks who are to be honored for what they’ve done. War Heroes & Civil Rights leaders. Inventors, Innovators & just good’ol hard workin blue collar types. I see them every day driving their new eco-friendly cars…though be it usually 10-20mph less than the posted speed limit. They’re on their smartphones & even posting a pic or two on Facebook. BUT when it comes to religion they are anchored in like size 10 rebar in a concrete deck pier!

Let’s face it, the problem is they’re in. I, you & they know it. They have their golden ticket, like Charlie, to the great chocolate factory in the sky. For them to appreciate change and grasp GRACE as a lifestyle of “Where SiN abounds, Grace abounds even more” would mean they may have been doing it wrong all along. That’s a hard pill to swallow for a works based theological parishioner, so there is a generation out there that will fight to the death for their ways. Even if it means the death of a church, a Sunday school program or a ministry that helps people. It breaks my heart to watch members of a proud generation act more like Pharisees with their legalities from their insecurities instead of grasping the gravity of Fathers charity offered to humanity in the form of frailty on a cross.

The saddest part is; I unfortunately grew up under that religious “works based church” generation. It has taken years to undo the damage done & learn to Love & Be-Loved. To reach out and grasp Grace as more than a concept but a gift that only Father can give & does. To realize we are loved w/o expectation of anything in return…He would like us to choose to love Him back. After experiencing God like this why wouldn’t I, or you for that matter? So we show our Love by following His Spirits Lead, not our own and we start to be real & authentic with Him & others. Yea we stilll SiN, but not intentionally. (Except when we get cut off on the way to church) Thus Grace becomes a lifestyle lived not obtained.

If those who are fighting to hold on, even if they may have paved the way, want to have any legacy at all I hope they will listen to a Fathers plea to join with Him & lighten up. You know have a little fun & come join the party. However, when you’ve spent your life performing for a Fathers love you can get rather obstinate when another refuses to perform like you & Father still loves them, even on their worst day. Kinda reminds me of a couple of brothers I heard about.

Think About It,

Just Steve


  1. I wish I could say it that well, and that clearly, brother!
    Part of that, traveling in Snohomish, reminds me of coming home from Safeway. At pine you have to turn L or R. Dude in front stops to turn L, I pull next to him, for R turn, he starts yelling about "there's only 1 lane..."!..? I tried to show how irrelevant that is (Legally, practically, even quoting RCW 46.61.100... ) only to encounter Obstinance, and repetition of "only one lane".
    I have met 'Christians' like that too, esp. 'Catholics', who seem to believe in 'everything by the book'- yeah, The Book they refuse to read for themselves!
    I have wondered if you will ever preach anything negative sounding, but as things are, as long as you are Never Perfect, I plan to encourage you (remember 1st time we talked 'I think I may be here just to encourage you'? Down in the mini-office)
    Well I thank The Ancient of Days, for your ministry, and example, brother. May he keep blessing you & your family, I do feel there is even much to hope for with the prodigal daughter (IDK time frame). You have taught her essentials.
    I just felt a need to respond & encourage you,


  3. Well old religion can grow moldy,due to most Christians don't read their bible.Due to the ladder of life!Some peole think that work is priority.Since the normal family is goodness anymore.Like people that really want a Mercedes car.So they go out a buy the 1984 clunker version.To me that is funny!See people want feel like they have that have no bottom.Ha,Ha,Ha!Let us not forget were this mentality comes from.TV evangalist!Oh yes!They say it's God's,not mine.Ok how about that ten million dollar house,and don't forget they have brand new Mercedes.Ops and also a private fifty million dollar jet. Also the lavished food,and best steak,lobster.What is my point.Thus we the church,the body have to be disciplined before the world.Yes right.Seek the Kingdom of God first,and everything well be added onto you.That does not include greed,lust,last,and so on.


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