Live Like You're Loved

After all of these posts so far I am just as excited about writing this one as the first. I have to say today was an inspired series of moments. To have this conversation about what it is to worship going on in my head for weeks has put me in a near constant state of wonder. To have such thought’s, ideas, truths & inspirations churning around in your head like a “Ninja Blender” can make one fidget in anticipation.They all came together this AM when I found a Hawk Nelson video called…you guessed it…”Live Like You're Loved”. 

I had this idea and definition about “Worship” I was trying to figure out how to relate to people in a perceptible way which would allow them to apply it in their daily life. (Not like a men’s energy supplement where it’s free for 30 days then costs you a car payment to keep it up.) I’m talkin-’bout real life application, a point which could be remembered long after the church lights went out.

The truth was too simple; Strong’s definition for the word Worship; - To lick the master’s hand like a dog. Yep that’s the basis for the concept of; Worship Like A Dog. Yet how to verbally & visually present this so one could wrap their mind around it & live it daily was the dilemma. Thx to Father for providing the video & the point: “Live Like You're Loved” ( I actually bought, made & handed out picture frames...check it out & you'll see what I mean: )

You see, when you try to take that point & apply it, if you've ever had a dog you get it, no matter what. A dog might greet you excited & often can’t contain their enthusiasm to wait for you to drop your bag and pet them. Or they may greet you at the door with head, ears, and tail down (though it still has a slight wag to it) & give you the “Yep, I did something wrong but I’m still your best friend" puppy dog eye gaze. Either way they're still living like they're gonna get some lovin’s. Like I said if you’ve ever had a dog, you just get it!

Even if you haven’t, the action proposed to “Live Like You’re Loved” makes your mind race with ideas, desires & emotions. It stirs up the opposite of what many of us were taught to do for worship. Things Like sing with our hands raised or attempting some sort of self-effort to get God to pay attention to us and hopefully to get on His good side. All the while fearing we will get our noses rubbed in it if we get it wrong. Such a shame so many have misunderstood God in this way. That is religion, not Worship. 

Worship is Fathers way of encouraging us to come to Him because He simple wants us to be near. It allows us to come and experience His love when we simply come near to lick the masters hand, like a dog, So Worship Like a Dog & Live Like You’re Loved. What have you got to lose except your religious “Dogma’s"? (Now That There’s Funny!)

Think About It,

Just Steve