Nothing to Something

I’ve taken a couple of days off from my postings. I had decided Thursday morning to wait until the evening before I posted, after my trip, when I arrived home. Yet when I arrived & had shared some of my adventures & given gifts from abroad…I fizzled out. I had Nothing! Even when my kid came home later & I showed her some of my pics & video’s, I had Nothing!

It was Something my wife said earlier after settling in at home that got me to wondering the next day. She asked if I had a good time on my trip…I had Nothing to say, Nothing! This surprised even me. She then said “Oh wow, you’re home”. My inability to answer wasn’t because I didn’t have a good time. I definitely did! It was more of a lack of words to describe all of the thoughts, anxieties & memories going through my head at once. After riding all I wanted to my heart’s desire, in & around some amazing scenery for 10 days, I now faced reality. Why did I feel Nothing at this moment? Why was I so empty?

Reality Check. I had church business, Food Outreach business, home issues, a Wedding to rehearse & do as well as a message to prepare for Sunday. Oh and did I say both of the wedding parties families are gonna be there to experience this church they’ve heard so much about? No pressure there! All of this & the #3 man (Jesus is #1 & I’m #2 yet simply the 1st amongst equals w/#3) anyway he has been through the ringer dealing with serious secondary family issues while I was gone. Can you say “Calgon Take Me Away”. (Google it!)

I had Nothing. Yet Father always has a way of making Something out of Nothing. Read Genesis & the Psalmist’s to understand this or simply look to the cross. It was while I was preparing for the wedding it hit me like an Ironman head-butt. I was about to perform a marriage of two members from our congregation. One of which, the man,  I had walked through probably the most difficult times of his life. Yet here he was experiencing his hopes & dreams, which seemed impossible in an earlier period of his life. Oh and the soon to be Mrs has quite a story too, yet as part of our church family she has come into her own. Oh and they are a perfect couple. Now that is Something!

I guess after riding & experiencing the freedom of the road & beauty of God’s creation visiting all 5 of the National Parks in Utah, I needed to take stock of life. Specifically what was I doing with my life & is there a way to measure whether I am making a difference. I do work a lot as a Paramedic, I do put in a lot of time w/church & food outreach & I don’t get the things I need to get done around the house. (Why paint or weed when one can ride?)

When it comes to measuring by traditional Church growth standards we are about ½ of what we were before the transition began a few years ago. Our budget is about 1/3rd of what it used to be also. People still show up or call looking for the Founding Pastor & seem disappointed when they find out I’m His replacement. I have never spoken in tongues, prophesied or laid hands on people and healed them. So it isn’t hard to look towards the heavens and wonder “Are You Sure About This”?

Then I see the life of this man our Church body embraced. Who has been changed by the Culture Father has created there. Others, like him, have been transformed from the inside out also, actually believing Jesus loves them, even on their worst day! They have learned to let Holy Spirit lead them in difficult situations which would have been a reason to dive back into their addictions & behind their walls/masks. As a church Father has used us to do far more with less than anytime in the history of this Biker Church, that isn't just for bikers anymore.

The reality is; I have been used as a tool in the Craftsmans hands, to sculpt & shape the lives of these people. (As have many others.) In the midst of my own human frailties & multi-faceted short comings…big words for; I’m a mess BUT I’m His Mess. I am humbled at what I have seen Father do in the lives of people He has brought to this “Room of Grace”. So today I married this couple & had a few laughs at their expense as well as shed a few tears telling all what this day meant to & for me. Father has made Something out Nothing by using "A" Nothing to make Something.  If he can do this for me what could He do with & for you?

Think About It,

Just Steve


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