Listen to Doc

Yesterday we covered some real estate across Utah. We rode thru and or into three National Parks & a National Monument plus another state park I believe. We were in the harsh 104-degree desert lowlands one minute & then in 74-degree weather in the mountains the next. At one point it was cold enough we had to stop & put on long sleeves. Then 15 miles later it was to hot, so we stopped again to shed the extra clothing, only to ride thru a rainstorm 10 minutes later. It seemed as if Utah was suffering from PMS!

During this ride the scenery was absolutely breathtaking! Riding between the orange, red & brown canyon walls with there jagged cliffs overhanging the road at times was a bit unnerving. Maybe the “Watch for Falling ROCKS” sign had something to do with that! While riding thru the canyon floors, there were so many of them jutting out in the distance it remined me of the movie “Cars”. I swear I saw a 1937 Chevy & 40 Ford frontend on a couple of them. I kept looking in my rearview mirror for “Lightning McQueen” to come roaring by.

As my mind began to wonder at such sites I thought about what Doc taught McQueen…”You steer Right to go Left”. It is the same with a motorcycle as you counter steer thru the corner. This concept of, you do the opposite to get the best result seems familiar to me…. Hmmm, where have I heard it before? Oh, yea in “The Book”! You know the one that’s sitting in or on your nightstand, or on a shelf. It’s the one w/dust on it! Remember? The 1st will be last & if you save your life you’ll lose it & vice-versa to those. It's the same advise to "Counter Steer" in this life.

As I reflect on my life, I’m a lot like Lightning McQueen, I’ve either tried to quit or ended up off track and needing a tow back to the track. Why does Father hang in there with me? So I could keep running the race. Kinda like Paul talked about. I just couldn’t or didn’t want to grasp these Counter Steer” truths. What if we were to picture Father as Doc who is always there in your corner. Even though His advice may seem counter intuitive at times, if we will just continue to get back on the track called life & continue to run the race while taking His advice, we will be victorious. So my question for you today is If we view Father as Doc; Then WHO represents Tow-Mater?

Think About It,

Just Steve 


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