Xtra Miles Needed

When you’re riding, sometimes you have a long-term destination & you can meander your way there with few time constraints aka “Easy Rider”. Other times you have to reach your destination by a certain time so you ride with purpose aka “Steve McQueen in the great escape”. Yesterday we were ridin like “Ghost Rider”, mild mannered then as if we were on fire!

We made it thru 3 states, saw my buddy’s daughter & did a selfie with an Idaho State Patrolman.  I think it’s always the better option when you can ask for a picture with the cops instead of the wanting to take a picture of you. Because of traffic delays we were just short of our hoped-for destination when we stopped to find a motel. You guessed it we were Mary & Josephed…No Room @ the INN!

With a phone call we secured a room in the next town which is where we had hoped to get anyway. It was during this segment of the journey that my mind didn’t begin to wonder but just stared in wonder & awe! With the sun setting at our backs the hills came alive in colors. Rich purple’s fading into pink. Brown & Orange hues dancing off of the horizons & a deep red-Orange where the sun hit the ridge-line.

These kinda things happen every day but all to often were already stopped for the night. We too often miss these moments Father has prepared for us because we don’t go the Xtra mile. What seemed to be a bad situation turned into a blessing, as the place we stayed was perfect & by 2 great restaurants. What artistry & gifts do we miss out on when we stick to our feelings & Don’t listen to the voice that’s telling us to ride the Xtra Miles Needed to experience & receive them?

Think About It,
Just Steve