Why Stop the Fire

On our ride yesterday, we actually rode through a wild-land fire. Yep it was as if we were riding through hell. (I wanted to stop & take pics but there were so many signs screaming “DO NOT STOP”, I thought the Big Guy might just leave me in the fire if something bad happened) There were police & DNR & wild-land firefighting vehicles all over. The fire was in a funnel cloud within 100 yds of the highway which they closed shortly after we were told.

Of course, my mind began to wonder after this. Why stop the fire? There was nothing, I mean nothing out there. They fight the to stop the fire because if left unchecked then it will eventually take out homes & people. Like the California CARR fire which wiped out whole communities. I then thought of SiN!

What if we were to picture SiN as the fire? If we don’t seek repentance then it just rages on getting bigger & bigger until it takes out people, jobs, families & relationships. Too many think they can either mitigate the fire & put it out themselves or simply call it a campfire even though it has jumped the pit & is spreading fast around them.

There isn’t much levity in today's post but then when facing such potential destruction that Sin can bring like the wildfire, who’s laughing. Thank goodness Father has provided a savior…Smokey the Bear! Yep Father took one poor, non-famous, fire singed cub & helped prevent so many forest fires only He knows how many! Don’t you think if a bear can do something to impact forest fires Father’s Son can impact, overcome & take away our Sin?

Think About It,
Just Steve