Where's the Sign

Signs are important. They let us know things such as which car dealership has the “Lowest Financing” in the area or that the local furniture store is having it’s 15th annual “Quitting Business” Sale. They also let us know where the Hospital, Fire Stations & School Zones are. Road signs are also some of the most Important. We hardly notice the large green signs in the immediate areas we live because we know where we are going. Yet jump over the pond to another country or simply next door to another county or state & they are as needed as a restroom when you’ve contracted a Noro-virus.

Well if you haven’t guessed by now we had a mishap on our ride. We stopped for gas & my buddy said “We just have to go down the freeway a little ways & then we’ll take a nice backroad to our destination. We’ll be there in a little over an hour”. 72 miles later we exited the freeway & my riding buddy said, “I didn’t see any signs, where were the signs to our destination’’? A quick purchase of a map (Of course bikers aren’t gonna ask directions if we can get a map & look like we’re just plotting our route.) & we rapidly found that the exit we took was the exit to the backroad we wanted. Another backroad was swiftly found. 94 miles & a couple of hours later we arrived.

This got my mind to wonder on the 2nd backroad we took, which also happened to be the prettiest. How many of us want to know “Where’s the Sign” when it comes to our faith. We either want Father to answer our prayer by giving us a sign or we want a sign if we’re going to give Him the time of day let alone our worship. JC called people out in The Book for wanting a sign. He did so because He knew one sign would never be enough.

That was our case, we saw the first sign to our destination, but we wanted another sign, & probably another till we got to where “WE” wanted to be. Yes, signs are important but if we were to quit looking to base our faith in Father on signs, and instead look for His fingerprints we will get to where He wants which will also be where “WE” want. It may just be the “Prettiest” part of our journey!

Think About It,
Just Steve


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