Love 1st... Apologize Later

Yesterday I went to visit my mentor. Now 'ol DP is a strait shooter for sure. He always has a sayin or two which seem to stick. For me there were many but the one that seems to be rolling around in my 1-mousepowered brain this morning is; 
"Don't lead with an apology, lead with what you owe him/her... 'I Love You' "!

He is right, despite all of the words on the pages of "The Book" even the man himself said we're to Love. Love God, others (as ourselves...just sayin) & our enemies. It seems pretty simple and author Bob Goff simplifies it even further with the title of his new book in which he challenges us to love "Everybody Always".

I have been accused of telling others I love them more than I tell my own partner in crime. (My definition for my wife) Alas she is correct Yet it isn't that I don't tell her I love her but it is all of the conversation or apologies said first seem to disable the heart felt meaning behind the "I Love You".

Could it be the same with us before God? Do we get up and start our conversation with a list of pleas for the day or worse yet with a snatch of the phone from our side-tables to get caught up before our conversation with God even begins? 

Even now as I run this through the coffee fed neuro synapses in my brain I can still hear my chat w/God starting out with an "I'm Sorry...." before I even get to the I love You part. The first words with my wife go something like "So what would you like for breakfast..." again before the words I should start with.  So this is my declaration to start my conversations with "I Love You" (Glad I don't do drive-thru's!) to my peeps & to Father. Maybe that is the best apology if not conversation starter?

Think About It,
Just Steve