His Moment's are Ours

It was an exhilarating day at Arch’s National Park.

1st we rode all the way to the end. It was along the way, with my head lookin like a Ken Griffey Bobblehead on the dashboard of a 1975 GMC Jimmy  driving on the city roads in Auburn Wa.  There was so much to see. I was actually able to grab my iPhone out of my pocket & start wildly taking pics of spires, columns, towers and a balancing rock. During this time my favorite Wild Cherry song came on; “Play That Funky Music”… I still have that album on 8Track! (OK just Google it: 8-Track) It was during this song I attempted to shoot video with great effort. I managed to get several segments because I couldn’t be a camera man & ride a motorcycle. 

2nd I actually thought I was in Fred MacMurry’s Boy Scout group since I had to hike so much to see many of the Arch’s. (I think I was a Scout the last time I hiked!) The funny thing was everyone else had next to nothing on yet I was in full motorcycle gear, Duh! Because of poor parking we had to walk about a half mile just to get to the trailhead for one set of arches we wanted to see. Oh and did I say the temp was 109 degree’s that day? Man we were sweating like a Baptist at an Irish Catholic wake!

3rd we were given some badly needed ice-cold H2O by a friendly ol’gentleman at the panoramic vista.  (Since I had tried the video option on my iPhone I thought what the heck, I should give the PANO option a try)  He had a Vietnam Veterans hat on and when I went to pay for the aqua he laughed a me & said “I offered it to you, I didn’t ask you to buy it”!. I thanked him for his service an introduced him to my riding partner who also served. They started reminiscing & it was cool to see their connection.

Yet it was much later in the evening & long after we had left the park when my mind beheld a wonder for a Moment. While we were riding back from dinner on a beautiful canyon road that followed the river. I came around a corner & the Moment happened. A perfectly framed sunset way off in the distance, between the canyon walls & a plateau. It was breathtaking & then it was gone. I hoped to see it around the next corner or the next, but alas it was not to be.

Sitting outside my motel room enjoying a cool breeze I thought back to that moment, wishing I had turned around to try for a picture so I could load it on Facebook but I missed the moment…or did I? While looking for a pic to post I stumbled across a video segment I took. This segment had my riding partner in front of me & the chorus of the “Play That Funky Music” song was on. All this was recording and as we rounded the corner there was an Arch right in the center of the shot. Another Moment.

I sat & thought what other Moments did I have today but didn’t recognize them as Moments? How 'bout; during one of our hikes we were to tired so we thought we would go see a different arch than the one we intended. Imagine our surprise when we were ½ way to that arch, stopped, turned around & there were the arches called windows…YES, NO MORE HIKING! Oh and the nice veteran who was an angel in disguise giving us some ice-cold water when we needed it most…a 4x…yes 4x Purple Heart recipient! Father has many “Moment’s” for us each & every day. If we would just stop & reflect, even though we might not have gotten them on camera, they are imprinted on our soul!

Think About It,

Just Steve