Absence IS Presence

Frank & Steve’s Great Adventures. That’s What I’m calling it as we set out yesterday to ride to Utah. We made it to Baker City & at times it was 104 degrees. It was later in the evening as we sat outside our restaurant on a quiet main street in this town where my mind didn’t begin to wonder.

Do you remember a time where you just felt relaxed in the moment, w/o a care as to the what or where of the past & no worries about the next day? Its been a long time for me, too long. Yet that’s where I found myself and it seemed as if everything just rolled of me like I was Gortex!

I think this is what it should be like when you get alone with Father. To just be in His presence w/o a care, not because there isn’t any but because you just enjoy the friendship. Maybe the trick is we need to become Houdini like escape artists. To become absent so we may become present. To get away so we can get away and enjoy the moments we are in with those we are with.

Think About It
Just Steve