Forgotten in Time

Yea, yesterday we hit our milestone of riding thru the 5 national parks in Utah. They are truly spectacular to behold, each in their own way. From cavernous canyons to natural arches & bridges. Spires & towers to checkered rock faces in dazzling colors, these marvels are truly wonders to behold.

Later, as we were riding west thru southern Utah, headed in the direction of home, my thoughts began to wonder. Before us were similar ridges jutting out, some towers & what once were majestic peaks. These were different. They were not so pronounced in there features but more beaten down. Though, if you looked through the rubble you could make out various lines of color. It was as if these mountains & basins had once been as majestic as their counterparts who sit proudly in their secured places.

Have you ever built a sand castle? Its edges are sharp and its pain-stakenly intricate features are clear. Then the tide comes in and shortly it is a rounded down version of its former self.  This is what these once great spectacles reminded me of. At one time many may have beheld them with such an awe As I had experienced viewing the giant marvels during our Nat. Park tour.

And so it is with us & our lives here. When we are young, we are gazed & gawked at for our “cuteness”. As we grow older and become more well defined in both physical stature as well as who we are as a person we are looked upon with wonder. Yet as we grow older this starts to fade…Generations begin to develop. As we begin to become weathered by time or our lifestyles we no longer feel the admiration or respect of others. We may equate that to not feeling loved anymore! Even when you go and look at the majestic wonders at the Parks if you look at their bases the ruble of time is stacking up around them!

It was a lonely stretch of road. For almost 120 miles we saw about a ½ dozen cars going the opposite direction. None going our way. Though a lonely highway it still had a beauty to it. With the sun shining its rays down through the clouds createing beautiful reflections as far as the eye could see. Its Beauty came from an outside source…the sun. For those who feel as the forgotten, worn-down ridges along this lonely highway I would offer you the Beauty & Love you deserve. It too is from an outside source…The Son! You'll Never Be Forgotten, His Love Is Timeless.

Think About It,
Just Steve