Family Reunion or a Reunion of Family

Yesterday I attended my “Family Reunion”. This used to be a big deal. Yet as the patriarchs of the family have passed on, the gathering of our families collectively has dwindled down. We may have to rent some stand-ins for next year. Though saddened that many didn’t come…I’m just as guilty since I came alone…I still find enjoyment in catching up with these family members.  

We share our memories every time we get together. Then there are the stories we love to banter back and forth about because the version has changed so much over the years. Whether it’s because all of my cousins mental faculties are fading or maybe they’re right and it’s mine (My wife agrees it’s the latter) we still love to reminisce. Catching up on the “New” is part of the enjoyment also.

I was looking around for some of my cousins kids & asked her which of those little ones were hers? She laughed and pointed to the fully grown ones sitting on collapsible chairs intently gazing at various electronic devices and said “Those are mine”. Wow how time flies! I expressed condolences that she had gotten older while it was clear I had not! We had a great laugh. Of course with all families besides the laughter there were some tears for break-ups and other life changing events, for those there as well as for the many who couldn’t make it.

It was on my ride home as I took the loneliest back-roads which would get me there, with the sun shining down on me and an occasional shadow appearing with welcomed relief from the cool air, my mind began to wonder. Could it be that just as I look forward to my yearly Family Reunion, I felt the same anticipation about my weekly Reunion of Family for similar reasons? They're all kind of a cross between the Connor family and the Beverly Hillbilly’s meeting at “The Middle”! (Welcome to my world)

In both cases I enjoy the same things: Catching up with laughter & shedding tears on Life’s Happening’s. I love the fact both of my families let it all hang out there, well the majority of us do…now! Of course there are those who will always wear their mask and label it “Putting Their Best Face On”, yet the rest of us let it all hang out. Unfortunately that can create a visual no one wants burned into their retinas! (Maybe some stand-ins aren’t such a bad idea after all?)

Is it possible the church has become less like a Reunion of Family and more like a bible study w/music? Is there time to go around & interact with/by those in attendance on Sunday? Or is that what the various programs are for during the week…after we finish the lesson? Oh I get it, that’s what the annual church picnic is for, like a Family Reunion? There must be time for joy and tears, hurts and hopes as to what Father is doing in each of our lives...weekly!

My hope is no matter what, you’ll attend your “real” Family Reunion and enjoy the moment for what it is…A remembrance of where y’all came from as shared in story. My other hope is that you’ll look forward to going to a Reunion of Family, or finding one if you don’t have one, to engage in each other’s lives by sharing in each other’s stories. After all, we are all participants in HIStory aren’t we?

Think About It

Just Steve