Enjoy The Ride

Today's is short & sweet, Enjoy the RIDE. My riding buddy surprised me with an off-road 4x4 excursion in Moab. We went with the one & only Dan Mick…Look him up if in town! We went places like I’ve only seen on YouTube. Crawling up the side of rocks & jagged crevices. Slowly descending the side of a hill where you swear if you move you’re gonna roll the jeep! He even tricked me into holding the wheel while we were traversing a narrow ridgeline. At a point you can let fear take over & panic or Enjoy the Ride 

We are but dust in the wind, a flower that blooms then withers. Too often we let our lives look like a TV sitcom…hopefully “Happy Days” & not “Rosanne”. We fill our time with activities or a brainless function of sorts so we don’t have to even power the gray matter up! We are all on a journey and play a part in the story; HIStory.

Today I simply ask, “Are you enjoying the Ride”? If not, why not? w/o playing the blame game, who or what stole your Joy? Your Enthusiasm? Your Creativity? I know it wasn’t God, but He can & does restore those elements of life by the freedom of living in relationship to His Son. 

So the question I ask today is: If your not enjoying the ride do you want to? Just ask Him "Oh God Help". & for those of you enjoying the Ride, why don’t you look for someone to share the ride with that may need a little companionship & direction.

Think About It

Just Steve